4 Fun Family Toys To Keep Everyone Entertained This Summer

Spending your summer vacation doing nothing else but watching the TV or spending hours on your smartphone is time wasted. Summer is the best part of the year where it is the most suitable time to have fun and to enjoy activities together with your family. Make sure to make the best enjoyment out of your summertime with these fun toys that you and family can enjoy.

Flickin’ Chicken Lawn Game

Flickin’ Chicken is a game that involves throwing at a target using rubber chickens. If you want your family to have some exercise while having fun outdoors, then this game is the perfect activity to do during the summer.

What makes this game tricky and enjoyable is the challenge that the bouncing and rolling chickens give to every player every time they try to hit the target. The game does not have any official rules, which allows your family to tailor your own to make it more fun and enjoyable for all.


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, and others. This summer, spend it on water activities with a pontoon. Just make sure that everything is safe and up to date to avoid missing out all on the fun. Only replace old parts bought at reliable outlets and stores.

Oversized Yard Bowling

One of the hassling parts of going to an actual bowling alley is the fact that you have to pay a high price to play and you have to rent the shoes, but an oversized yard bowling set might erase all of those frustrations. With this lawn game, your whole family, regardless of age, can enjoy and spend time together as you knock down pins with an inflatable bowling bowl.

The perks of having your own yard bowling alley also include the comfort of deflating it for more accessible storage.

Personalogy Family Game

This game changes the notion that indoor games aren’t enjoyable. With Personalogy card game, the family will have fun over four categories that include Kids Say the Darndest Things and Family Dinner Conversations. It is a game made to be enjoyed by families!

Not only that it’s hilarious and extremely fun, this also allows you to discover new things about your loved ones.

Summer is the best time for families to spend time with each other. Make the best out of this by avoiding summertime boredom, and spend each day of it doing something exciting and enjoyable. With these fun family toys, your summer might be the best you and your family can experience.

What is the perfect toy that’s suitable and essential for your new baby?

Having a baby is one of the best joys that someone could ever experience in their lives, and when this moment finally comes, you want nothing else but to give the best love to your new baby. One of the best parts of having new cute sunshine is the bit where you go full-on best mom or Aunty (if you’re someone who’s shopping for someone) as you shop for the best toys for the new cute little one!

A few things to keep in mind when choosing the most suitable toys for your little sunshine would include learning a baby’s developmental process.

From 1 to 3 months old – baby will try to adjust and interact to its surroundings and environment: tracking objects with their eyes; reaching for things; putting their hands to their mouth, and even smile and raise their head at you. The most suitable gift would be a brightly colored baby gym!

From 4 to 6 months – during these months, babies learn to use more of their hands, and they also try to manipulate the things around them. They also become more aware of their voices. At this point of their young age, it would be more evident in their behavior as you observe that they will roll over, hear them laugh out of the blue, grab your hair, and sit up when being supported. The perfect gift for your baby would be something that would help improve these behaviors, and an Oball Rattle might be the best fit for that!

A few perfect ideas or toys to buy include:

Soft cloth blocks are excellent choices for newborns. They usually come in various colors, and babies would still play with them even a year later!

Small rattle balls are probably one of the best educational toys that you can first expose your baby to, as they can learn sound localization, visual tracking, and develop exceptional motor skill through sets that have balls that create different sounds. This toy is the top choice for newborns and toddlers.

To develop more of your baby’s fine motor skill, a set of plastic links should be one of your picks. Not that they are incredibly affordable, these toys can also be added to your baby gym.

Whatever you decide to buy, don’t just make sure that it’s safe for your baby, but do take note of how each toy is tailor-made for your baby’s precious development.

Have a happy shopping for your special new baby in your life!