4 Fun Family Games to Keep Your Children Healthy

All children have one thing in common; their love for games. Even though other parents may perceive games as merely unhelpful distractions, which is beyond from their sole purpose. In fact, games can encourage physical exercise, teach healthy habits, and reinforce their mental alertness. The following are few of the family games you can play to help your family stay fit:

Hide and Seek

This is the most overlooked children’s game. Basically, hide and seek is beyond just a hiding game where you attempt to keep quiet as much as possible and to not let anyone get you. This game promotes short surges of physical effort that can assist in improving everybody’s physical health.

Aside from this being a game that encourages healthy exercise, hide and seek also encourages strategy, development of keen observation skill and critical thinking. Even though this game seems to be a pointless one, in terms of strengthening cognition on early childhood, this game is really a developmental dynamo.

Teeth-brushing games

All the parents out there are aware how hard it is to teach their kids the significance of proper oral hygiene. Companies that make entertainment and toys for kids understand this struggle as well. Because of this, they have started to create content, which is targeted towards showing to your kids the idea of healthy hygiene habit.

Nickelodeon is one particular child-geared entertainment company, which has started a campaign for healthy hygiene. These online games utilize the favorite cartoon characters of your child to teach them about cavities, the benefits of flossing, and the significance of brushing.


Through several decades, a lot of families have enjoyed a silent evening at home as they play an exciting game of Scrabble. Even though this game could be focused towards older kids who have wider vocabulary range, there’s a junior of scrabble that is perfect for children that are as young as 5 years of age.

This game will not have the cognitive abilities of your kids, but it will also aid in expanding their teaching strategy, vocabulary skill The moment it turns out to be more intense, it can even encourage a healthy exercise while the children chase each other and wrestle with one another on the house.


Young children are more likely to have a limitless supply of energy. To assist your kid in channeling that enormous energy, teach them how to play soccer as it can give a lot of benefits for their mental and physical health. The soccer’s physicality can enhance hand-eye coordination, fortify their cardiovascular system, and stop gaining weight through burning calories. Mentally, soccer allows the kids to learn about strategy, teamwork, endorse a healthy competitive attitude and exercising their reasoning skills.

Upon selecting a game for your entire family to enjoy, make sure that you include a healthy balance of outdoor and indoor games. Your kids require sunlight and fresh air just as much as they need relaxation and rest.

Amazing Toys That Will Keep The Kids Happy For Hours!

If there’s another thing that kids are brilliant at, it would be at getting bored. As parents, having this mood in our children is something we always want to avoid as we do our best just to keep them occupied and entertained. Though it is sometimes inevitable, there are items in the market that would fix this problem of parents.

Here are suggestions of toys that will be of great use especially over the period of holiday.

Science Kit

If you want something that would not only intrigue your kids, but also spark their imagination and brain, then a science kit would be the perfect toy for them. From a homemade volcano model and safe gas eruptions, your kids will surely have fun doing it over and over again. This way, they are not only having a fun time discovering the toy, but they are also exploring the fun bits of science!

Caster Boards

If you want your kids to spend a handful of time outdoors but are afraid for them to use risky skateboards, then a Caster Board might be the one for your kid. A caster bird is very much like a skateboard, but it has a bigger surface area to give your child a more relaxed and safer time to have fun. Also, these caster boards come in different kinds to suit your child’s preference.

Toy Helicopter

A toy helicopter might be expensive, but it’s totally worth it! You can rest assured that even if it’s pegged as a boy’s toy, girls can be very much interested in it because after all, everyone finds a helicopter cool and awesome. This toy can take you and your children to different heights of fun. All you ever need is an open space and your very own toy helicopter.

Remote Controlled Cars

No matter how old they get, remote controlled cars will always be a fun toy to play. For kids who want to be a racing champion, a race car would be the perfect item for them to play at home. Also, not only it teaches kids responsible and cautious driving at an early age, but it is a toy that never goes out of age.

Though the easiest thing to resort to is the TV after dinner, giving them toys, where they can learn and even interact with others, will always be the best option to keep your kids occupied.

All Fun and Games: Smart Storage Solutions for Toys, Games, and Books

Without regard to imagination, toys, books, and games are necessary for playtime, and every family knows that. However, one of the downside of these items is that they can be a hassle to store.

A lot of families turn to the traditional containers such as large plastic bins or tub, but these things can be too bulky and more hassling to deal with if compared to the actual items. To fix this, here are some alternative and creative ideas to solve your family’s storage problems.

Homemade Zoo

As being suggested by famous websites such as Pinterest, Spoonful, and others, the use of small to medium-sized cartons with plastic and metal handles that can fit on shelves are a good idea. Kids in the family can reach and take an item from it whenever they want to play and put it back in the “zoo” when it’s time to tidy up.

Beanbag Cover

Usually, fabric and discount store sells beanbag chair covers or pillowcases that are large enough for you to fill it with soft dolls and stuffed animals, and use it as a beanbag chair. With this, whenever your kids want to play with their toys, they can reach in the chair and grab the toys that they want to play with.

Doll Trunks

Dolls are toys that need extra care, and opting out to storing them in plastic bins might be a bad idea for these toys might end up having tangled hair, lost accessories, or missing body parts if the dolls are being stored carelessly. Having a “doll trunk” might be the fix for this.

A “doll trunk” allows you to have more storage space, and you can do this with a recycled or repurposed wooden shipping crate. Also, a sewing box with pull-out drawers can be used to store the tiny doll accessories such as hair decorations, and shoes. With this, you and your kids will have a great time organizing dolls.

Bulletin Board

Using old board games such as Monopoly, or Candy Land, are great to be used as a wall decoration. The board games can be hung and taken off from the wall whenever deemed by your kids, which makes it a very convenient option. Not only that it acts as a decoration, but it also serves a very practical idea for storage.

Token for Your Thoughts

Kids usually lost little items such as play money, tokens, and other small toy items as they forget to put them into the box every time they are finished playing with it. Making a “token jar” can solve this problem. Just like a jar for loose change, a clear plastic jar or a container can be placed on a shelf in the playroom. Play money can be kept safe organized using a rubber band.

Curtain Bookcases

If your child likes to read books in a window seat, then curtain bookcases are the best for him/her. This allows you to organize their books using curtains as divides. Drapings can be placed directly in front of any bookshelf that you have. This will also teach and encourage your kids to care for their books.

Do Double Duty

As suggested by Pinterest, doubling the purpose of a nightstand is a great idea. Placing or purchasing a nightstand with several cubby holes where you can stack books vertically allows you to organize your books. In this way, your kids can have easy access to the books that they read, and it would providing them the convenience of having their books close to them.

Storing things that are accumulated through time can be a problem, given that they’re things that are hard to throw away knowing that they are of importance and value. Even if you swap out old things, new ones are added. Identifying the most suitable storage idea and strategy would be the fix for these problems.

4 Fun Family Toys To Keep Everyone Entertained This Summer

Spending your summer vacation doing nothing else but watching the TV or spending hours on your smartphone is time wasted. Summer is the best part of the year where it is the most suitable time to have fun and to enjoy activities together with your family. Make sure to make the best enjoyment out of your summertime with these fun toys that you and family can enjoy.

Flickin’ Chicken Lawn Game

Flickin’ Chicken is a game that involves throwing at a target using rubber chickens. If you want your family to have some exercise while having fun outdoors, then this game is the perfect activity to do during the summer.

What makes this game tricky and enjoyable is the challenge that the bouncing and rolling chickens give to every player every time they try to hit the target. The game does not have any official rules, which allows your family to tailor your own to make it more fun and enjoyable for all.


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, and others. This summer, spend it on water activities with a pontoon. Just make sure that everything is safe and up to date to avoid missing out all on the fun. Only replace old parts bought at reliable outlets and stores.

Oversized Yard Bowling

One of the hassling parts of going to an actual bowling alley is the fact that you have to pay a high price to play and you have to rent the shoes, but an oversized yard bowling set might erase all of those frustrations. With this lawn game, your whole family, regardless of age, can enjoy and spend time together as you knock down pins with an inflatable bowling bowl.

The perks of having your own yard bowling alley also include the comfort of deflating it for more accessible storage.

Personalogy Family Game

This game changes the notion that indoor games aren’t enjoyable. With Personalogy card game, the family will have fun over four categories that include Kids Say the Darndest Things and Family Dinner Conversations. It is a game made to be enjoyed by families!

Not only that it’s hilarious and extremely fun, this also allows you to discover new things about your loved ones.

Summer is the best time for families to spend time with each other. Make the best out of this by avoiding summertime boredom, and spend each day of it doing something exciting and enjoyable. With these fun family toys, your summer might be the best you and your family can experience.

4 Ideas for Your Kids During a BBQ

It’s nice to have a barbeque and take pleasure in the adult talk while the kids play. Nonetheless, if the kids grow burnt out, they’re going to allow you to understand pretty swiftly. Our family prefers charcoal, and you can check out this Weber Spirit e-310 review that we read as well.

Stop the whines and groans by giving the kids some terrific things to do while you enjoy adult conversation and enjoy seeing the children play. Right here are some excellent barbecue suggestions your children will certainly like.

4 Things Kids Can do at a BBQ

1. Create a big basket of outside toys that are age-associated outside near the barbeque location. This will undoubtedly have your youngsters occupied to make sure that they will likewise be having a blast. You can select toys like dump trucks, little automobiles, shovels, or other things that your children will appreciate.

2. Motivate your good friends or family members to bring their children. The kids will like obtaining a possibility to play with each other while the adults converse. It is likewise a fantastic justification to get the expanded household together to let the cousins play with each other.

DIY Sprinkler idea for the kids!

3. Set up the lawn sprinkler a considerable ways from the BBQ area, however still visible. Let the kids put on their bikinis and splash around in the water. This is a beautiful point for a summer season day, as well as one of the most excellent kid-friendly barbecue suggestions. If the weather is not warm sufficient, you may intend to skip that little concept.

4. By adding some soft plastic on the ground, your children could run as well as slide and slide throughout the plastic. You could utilize a business one if you desire, yet it’s equally as very easy to make on from home plastic or a very soft tarp.

Providing your BBQ motif to kids allows you enjoy the same enjoyable atmosphere, keep it exciting and also fresh.