5 Fashionable and Engaging Ways of Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

5 Fashionable and Engaging Ways of Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Many parents who enjoy doing the job themselves and parents who love to decorate prefers to give more attention to common places such as the family room and dining room. What we forget to focus on is the non-communal places or more specifically, your kid’s bedroom. By decorating your kid’s bedroom, it could strengthen the bond between you and your kid. Below are five fashionable ways of decorating your kid’s bedroom with the special participation of your kid!

Choose a motif

Choosing the motif or the theme is really important since your kid’s preference heavily affects the outcome. If your kid loves superheroes, memorable landscapes or Disney, make sure to take your kid’s preference into serious consideration.

You could paint your kid’s favorite comic superhero artistically, or you could opt for a Disney motif with a Disney-inspired bed. Just go with whatever your kid prefers and pick the proper furniture to match the entire theme of the room.

Encourage your kid in arts

If your child loves art and enjoys drawing, then maybe you could place a chalkboard on the wall so that they could express themselves and their interest in art. By using a chalkboard or a whiteboard, they could reuse the board by simply erasing the contents repeatedly. In this way, your kid could help in decorating the room as well as encouraging them to express their creativity and explore the world of arts. It will also help if you provide your kid’s room with enough art materials so that they could use it anytime they want. Maybe someday, your kid could be the next van Gogh!

More storage area for proper arrangement

It’s a common knowledge that kids are reckless with their stuff and place them wherever they last used it. Clothes and toys seem to find its way to the floor and to solve this, just place more storage areas in the room. Decorate these additions according to the motif with matching colors or designs. However, they should understand where to put their belongings for proper organization.

Bright and Colorful

Keep in mind that a child occupies the room and making the room bright and lively should help them in their development. Make use of large windows and numerous lights to splash some color in your kid’s life. A kid’s bedroom is a place they go to after they’ve had their fun outdoors and making sure that it’s lively and comfortable for them should be the highest priority.

Take note of your kid’s height

The moment you design the bedroom of your child, stop seeing it from your perspective and try to design it with your kid’s view in mind. Avoid making the daily essentials unreachable for them and make sure to keep the storage containers within arm’s reach of your child for easy access. Should your kid want to play with their toys, then they should easily be able to reach such toys and keep anything dangerous such as hair dryers, electronics, and many more!

This is a process done not only by you but also by your child. It should be a collaboration between the parent and the kid, therefore, get their preferences and include them as much as possible. This way, you could enhance your bond with the little one and encourage them to think for themselves, giving them a lesson or two about taking care of their own space. Make it a memorable moment for the both of you and have fun decorating your kid’s bedroom!